Inganzo Ngari :


Boys’ dance “Umuhigo”: this symbolizes the hunting activity of men. The way they go to the forest, hunt and bring the chase to their families.


Girls’ dance with Inkoko (traditional sieve for grains)

Girls’ dance with Inkoko (traditional sieve for grains): this is to symbolize how Rwandan ladies winnow sorghum and other cereals before storing them in the granary or before preparing meals for removal of impurities.


Girls’ dance with small traditional pots



Girls’ dance with small traditional pots: This is a dance where dancers with these pots show how girls used to go to the fountain to fetch water.


Girls’ dance with calabash


Girls’ dance with calabash: While performing this dance, girls show the way a Rwandan lady should welcome her husband as well as guests.


Girls’ dance with Agaseke (small basket)


Girls’ dance with Agaseke (small basket): in this dance, ladies symbolize the act of sowing cereals in the field already cultivated by men.


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