Inganzo Ngari :

Girls’ dance with Agakoni (small stick)


Girls’ dance with Agakoni (small stick): this dance is designed to show how a Rwandan girl should behave. Traditionally, a girl without this stick is considered misbehaved.


Girls’s dance with “Ibisabo” and “Inkongoro”

Girls’s dance with “Ibisabo” and “Inkongoro”: This dance illustrates how women separated butter from milk using Ibisabo in a process called “Gucunda”, that is Centrifugation


Girls’ dance with Inkangara (big basket)

Girls’ dance with Inkangara (big basket): this is performed to symbolize how Rwandan ladies used to carry these baskets for “Gutura” which is a use of rendering a visit to a family and bringing it drinks and foods. These baskets are also used to store crops.


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