Umushagiriro: the show dance Umushagiriro (which means, literally, dancing and swaying elegantly in the trunk and arms while moving slowly) is designed and developed within the royal court, and has some emulation among the notables. It involves the elegance, sophistication of the composition and the effects of style in choreography and singing.

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2018-06-13, 14:28
I love your traditional dances, you do wonderful things. I encourage you … read more
2018-05-15, 07:18
the best tradition dance troupe in Rwanda. Always on the top. keep it up .
2018-04-20, 13:51
Inganzo ngari forever
jeannette uwizeye
2017-10-26, 18:15
ndabakunda cyane mwa mfura mwee;nkakunda uko mwizihiza ababarora!!

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