Inganzo Ngari :

Inganzo Ngari perform at African Day in Turkey

Inganzo Ngari in Moscow during AfroFest

Inganzo Ngari performing at the opening ceremony ...

Inganzo Ngari: Intore (warrior dance)
March 31, 2017

The parades of dancers Intore appeared primarily as manifestations of the sovereign power of the king. In this men’...

Umushagiriro: the show dance which means, literally, swaying elegantly
March 31, 2017

Umushagiriro: the show dance Umushagiriro (which means, literally, dancing and swaying elegantly in the trunk and a...

Imparamba: symbolizing the importance of farming labour,...
March 31, 2017

Imparamba: symbolizing the importance of farming labour, typical in the southern part of the country. ...

Kwiyereka: Dancing in honour of a bow
March 31, 2017

Kwiyereka Umuheto: Dancing in honour of a bow kwiyereka Ingabo: dancing in honour of a shield;                    ...



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2018-06-13, 14:28
I love your traditional dances, you do wonderful things. I encourage you … read more
2018-05-15, 07:18
the best tradition dance troupe in Rwanda. Always on the top. keep it up .
2018-04-20, 13:51
Inganzo ngari forever
jeannette uwizeye
2017-10-26, 18:15
ndabakunda cyane mwa mfura mwee;nkakunda uko mwizihiza ababarora!!

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